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Free birth control pills… in high school?

Newsweek has an article on its education page about whether or not birth control should be free. (Read the text here:  Although the article discusses this issue within the context of college campuses, I want to talk about this … Continue reading

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Excerpts from Michelle Rhee’s “What I’ve Learned”

Michelle Rhee appears on the cover of this week’s Newsweek with the caption “Why Michelle Rhee Isn’t Finished with School Reform”. Her four-page piece, “What I’ve Learned”, is powerful and speaks for itself, so I’m just going to post some … Continue reading

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Why is it surprising that Shanghai students did well?

The headline at this moment on the education page of the New York Times is “Top Test Scores from Shanghai Stun Educators”. Why should it surprise anyone that the Chinese have blown the United States, and many other countries, out … Continue reading

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More Drama for Cathleen Black

Apparently, people are SO upset by the prospect of having Cathleen Black as Chancellor of New York City Public Schools that one parent is now leading the protest by suing state education officials for issuing a waiver for her. The … Continue reading

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Michelle Rhee’s next step: Students First

A little over a month after Michelle Rhee left her post as Chancellor of DC Public Schools, we now know what she’s doing next, at least in part. This morning she launched the website for her new advocacy organization, Students … Continue reading

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Cutting Funding for Foreign Language Education

Thomas Friedman wrote a fantastic, spot-on column last week about what the Chinese embassy in Washington might send in a WikiLeaks-style cable to Beijing. My favorite part is this: “But the Americans are oblivious. They travel abroad so rarely that … Continue reading

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a new leader for the WTU; a new enemy of school reform

I’m going to put this out there up front: I hate teachers’ unions. From my experience, “Waiting For Superman” does not exaggerate or misconstrue the role that unions play in hindering education reform.  I have no problem with Randi Weingarten … Continue reading

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