More Drama for Cathleen Black

Apparently, people are SO upset by the prospect of having Cathleen Black as Chancellor of New York City Public Schools that one parent is now leading the protest by suing state education officials for issuing a waiver for her. The article appears in the New York Times: 

“Citing state education law and the commissioner’s regulations, the suit claims that while the required graduate course work and teaching experience may be waived for ‘exceptionally qualified’ people, they do not allow the commissioner to waive a separate requirement that the chancellor possess a master’s degree, and calls for Mr. Steiner’s decision to be annulled.”

I said it in a recent post, but I’m just not convinced that there’s a magic formula that promises good leadership in education! I am 100% unconvinced that a master’s degree in education would significantly increase Ms. Black’s chances of success as Chancellor; I know of too many low-quality programs that result in those degrees to think that they add any distinction of knowledge or intelligence.

To me, what matters most is: does she want to do the job (sounds like it), and is she willing to take risks and piss people off to do what’s best for kids (we’ll see)? Neither of those depends on experience in education.


About educationescritora

I'm a former high school Spanish teacher and central office employee. I believe that excellent public education will be a catalyst for positive social change in our country and that we cannot wait any longer to deliver the teachers, knowledge, and skills that our students need.
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