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Giving Teachers Guns???

Moments after writing the previous post about keeping weapons out of schools, I found this in the Washington Post about proposed legislation in Nebraska that would allow teachers to have concealed guns at school. “Under [Sen. Mark Christensen’s] legislation, each … Continue reading

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Keeping Schools Safe

Two students at Gardena High School in Los Angeles were wounded on Tuesday when a gun stored inside a classmate’s backpack went off during class. Both students are still alive and expected to recover, but obviously that doesn’t detract from … Continue reading

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Evaluating Foreign Language Teachers in DCPS… hay problemas.

One thing I don’t often hear in the debate about teacher evaluation is how evaluations should be differentiated depending on the level or content area of each teacher.   People argue about the validity of value-added test data and who should … Continue reading

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high school… via computer?!

New York Times: In Florida, Virtual Classrooms with No Teachers Okay, I’m sorry, but the greatness of technology does not mean we no longer need teachers. I find it 100% ridiculous that any classes, let alone Advanced Placement classes, would … Continue reading

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MLK had a Dream. be part of the change that makes it a reality.

I’d like to hope that everyone who has today off from work will spend at least a few minutes reflecting not on how great it is not to have to work on Monday but on what progress, if any, we … Continue reading

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LBJ’s “To Fulfill These Rights” – Little Has Changed Since 1965.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and while I will also write about King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, I want to start with a piece on another landmark speech in the struggle for civil rights. These are my … Continue reading

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Student Evaluations of Teachers

New York Times: In a New Training Program, Students Teach Teachers This sounds like an awesome idea. I frequently asked my students for feedback and suggestions about my teaching style. I found that when I made this more open-ended (by … Continue reading

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Who Should Lead Our Schools? Part 2

New York Times: Christie Seeks Leeway in Hiring Schools Chiefs The same week that Cathleen Black assumed the Chancellorship of New York schools, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie started advocating for relaxed requirements for superintendents of his low-performing school systems. … Continue reading

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Pedagogy of the Oppressed – in Arizona

New York Times: Arizona Orders Tucson to End Mexican-American Studies Program So, in another major blow to education and immigration reform, and adding to Arizona’s reputation as the place where the American Dream goes to die, Arizona Attorney General Tom … Continue reading

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Happy 2011 – what does it have in store for education?

Hello readers! My apologies for the recent lack of posts – December was, as you can understand, a busy time. Teachers don’t think too much about the change of the year since they are still in the same academic year, … Continue reading

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