Giving Teachers Guns???

Moments after writing the previous post about keeping weapons out of schools, I found this in the Washington Post about proposed legislation in Nebraska that would allow teachers to have concealed guns at school. “Under [Sen. Mark Christensen’s] legislation, each Nebraska school district would be allowed to set a policy that would require a two-thirds majority vote of the school board to allow teachers and administrators to obtain permits to carry guns on campus.” Apparently, Christensen’s reasoning is that “if you have a kid come in to shoot a teacher… or other kids, it’s best to have somebody that can take care of the situation.”

Are you f—ing kidding me?!

This is seriously the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Let’s list some reasons why this is a horribly stupid idea.

  1. Let’s say a kid does whip out a gun during class and either threatens to shoot or actually starts shooting. At what point is the teacher supposed to have a chance to retrieve the gun that is, one would hope, hidden and locked away?
  2. Even if the teacher could get to a gun – is the idea that you’d shoot the student?
  3. It’s much harder to fire a gun and hit the intended target than most people realize. I have shot a gun (an experience I have no desire to ever repeat) and don’t think I ever succeeded in hitting the target. Does Christensen also suggest that teachers go through some sort of training? And if they don’t, is he okay with a gun being used ineffectively (and potentially injuring a non-threatening student)?
  4. I don’t believe for a moment that there is a secure way to store a gun in a school. Teachers get their stuff stolen all the time regardless of how careful they are.
  5. Are teachers supposed to spend their own money on a gun, or would the school district pay for it? I can’t imagine that money meant to educate students would be shifted to pay for firearms, but then again, I never thought I’d see a proposed law about allowing teachers to have guns.

I hope common sense will prevail here…


About educationescritora

I'm a former high school Spanish teacher and central office employee. I believe that excellent public education will be a catalyst for positive social change in our country and that we cannot wait any longer to deliver the teachers, knowledge, and skills that our students need.
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One Response to Giving Teachers Guns???

  1. I think it is a stupid decision. It, in fact, promotes a sugar-coating violence by allowing teachers or administrators to own guns. Why not educate kids about the consequences caused by guns?

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