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Randi Weingarten, Unions, and Teacher Quality

Just a little over two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend an hour listening to Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers. I eagerly anticipated that session at the Teach For America 20th Anniversary Summit … Continue reading

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Parents who fight for better education

Parents of poor, at-risk students tend to get a pretty bad rep. I think one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about parents of students who attend struggling schools is that they don’t care about their children’s education and/or … Continue reading

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a response to Diane Ravitch’s “The Problem with Teach for America”

Valerie Strauss, in her seemingly limitless capacity to focus on the critical rather than the positive in the world of education, included in her column today a piece by Diane Ravitch that examines the principal shortcoming of Teach For America … Continue reading

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Coming Up on Education Inside Out

Greetings readers, old and new! I have a long list of topics I’ve been wanting to cover and will attempt to write about in the coming days – I’ve been busier lately and need to make a more concerted effort … Continue reading

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4 Claims about Teach For America… true or false?

I saw a link to this piece on Twitter and thought it would be appropriate to respond given that this weekend is Teach For America’s 20th Anniversary Summit right here in Washington. This is an interview between a guy named … Continue reading

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Grading the Programs Who Make Teachers

This article in the New York Times got me pretty excited. I witnessed more than enough evidence of mediocre schools of education during my two years in the classroom to think that evaluating teachers’ colleges is a wonderful and overdue … Continue reading

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