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life after the classroom: are ex-teachers doomed for constant guilt? – this blogger’s experience

Last night my roommate came home after spending several hours helping her charter district schedule interviews with the many teacher applicants they have for the coming school year. She is leaving her school after four years of teaching to pursue … Continue reading

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Student Evaluations of Teachers

New York Times: In a New Training Program, Students Teach Teachers This sounds like an awesome idea. I frequently asked my students for feedback and suggestions about my teaching style. I found that when I made this more open-ended (by … Continue reading

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thoughts about Special Education

D.C. Public Schools are perhaps best known for their abysmal under-serving of the District’s Special Education students. Although Deputy Chancellor for Special Education Richard Nyankori has facilitated tremendous improvements, DCPS still shells out millions of dollars each year to pay … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving for Teachers

Our education system has a lot of problems. Here are some things teachers have to be thankful for: 1. Working copiers. I was always one of the first people in my school every day (arriving around 6 a.m.) so that … Continue reading

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If I had $3 million… here’s how I would change education.

All of us have a list in our head of what we would do if we suddenly received a few million dollars. My list includes the predictable beautiful vacation home(s) and unlimited world travel, but I’ve also designated an unspecified … Continue reading

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“Lesson” 1

Greetings, readers! Welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll keep reading, and I welcome feedback about my opinions, content, quality of writing, and whatever else comes to mind. My goal is to provide informed perspective on a variety of issues … Continue reading

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