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further analysis of the USA Today allegations of cheating in DCPS

Today I obtained a list of the DCPS schools that were flagged for erasures in 2008, 2009, and 2010. You can view them here. I love to play with numbers, so let’s take a look at how these schools break … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the IMPACT System in DCPS

There’s been a lot of press coverage of the IMPACT evaluation program in D.C. Public Schools recently. I worked in the central office when that program was launched, and though I won’t provide further details about what I was doing, … Continue reading

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by request: more thoughts on Michelle Rhee’s leadership

One of my very engaged Twitter followers asked me to elaborate on why I like Michelle Rhee’s policies and management style. This is also a good time for me to talk about Richard Whitmire’s recently released book about Rhee, called … Continue reading

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Coming Up on Education Inside Out

Greetings readers, old and new! I have a long list of topics I’ve been wanting to cover and will attempt to write about in the coming days – I’ve been busier lately and need to make a more concerted effort … Continue reading

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Evaluating Foreign Language Teachers in DCPS… hay problemas.

One thing I don’t often hear in the debate about teacher evaluation is how evaluations should be differentiated depending on the level or content area of each teacher.   People argue about the validity of value-added test data and who should … Continue reading

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Student Evaluations of Teachers

New York Times: In a New Training Program, Students Teach Teachers This sounds like an awesome idea. I frequently asked my students for feedback and suggestions about my teaching style. I found that when I made this more open-ended (by … Continue reading

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Happy 2011 – what does it have in store for education?

Hello readers! My apologies for the recent lack of posts – December was, as you can understand, a busy time. Teachers don’t think too much about the change of the year since they are still in the same academic year, … Continue reading

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a new leader for the WTU; a new enemy of school reform

I’m going to put this out there up front: I hate teachers’ unions. From my experience, “Waiting For Superman” does not exaggerate or misconstrue the role that unions play in hindering education reform.  I have no problem with Randi Weingarten … Continue reading

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